Graphic Design / Lettering / Typography / Logo Design
November 2022
Nestled in Delano, Wichita, Kansas, Vagabond Cafe blends the comfort of a coffee shop with the allure of a bar, catering to all sorts of customers. Venturing inside, guests are greeted by an ambiance steeped in nostalgia and warmth. The cafe's atmosphere serves as the ideal location to spend time and have conversations with friends.
The redesign of this logo was undertaken as part of a class assignment focusing on the principles of logo design, encapsulating the essence and heritage of a business or brand. The logo presented here is not the official logo for the cafe.
After thorough research into Vagabond Cafe, the insights gathered have been translated into the logo design. Vagabond Cafe has a selection of beverages, including coffee, wine, beer, and cocktails, available every day of the week from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. It's the ideal spot for gatherings with friends, all within a charming vintage ambiance. Beyond its bar, Vagabond offers an eclectic mix of amenities: books, music, board games, locally sourced art, and complimentary Wi-Fi, catering to both socializing and scholarly pursuits alike.

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