Deloitte Advertisement Campaign
Graphic design / Advertisement Design / Newspaper / Print
Fall 2022
Established in 1845 in London, United Kingdom, Deloitte stands as one of the esteemed Big Four accounting firms. The company reached out to The Sunflower to enhance its outreach by promoting new job opportunities tailored for college students. In September and December 2022, advertisements showcasing these openings were featured in Wichita State University's esteemed student newspaper and website, The Sunflower. 
During the fall of 2022, I had the privilege of collaborating with Deloitte to craft these advertisements. Among the designs, one particular graphic earned recognition, securing first place for Print Advertisement Design at the Kansas Collegiate Media Conference in 2023. 
Behind the vision
Deloitte supplied me with a package comprising information, files, and a color wheel to craft our advertisements. The Sunflower offers a variety of sizes and platforms for advertising. For the fall campaign, Deloitte selected three options: a half-page ad, a front-page banner, and a top website header

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