Calla by Wave to Earth
Graphic design / Typography / Lettering / Illustration
November 2022
 "Calla" is a song by Wave to Earth (웨이브투어스), a Korean band comprising Shin Donggyu, Daniel Kim, and Soonjong Cha.
This goal of this project was to craft an album or vinyl cover employing lettering and design elements to encapsulate the essence and emotion of a song. The lettering underwent a creative process, crafted by hand through several iterations before being digitized for the final rendition.
Behind the vision
In "Calla" by Wave to Earth, the artists passionately articulate their affection for a cherished individual. Through the lyrics, they express the act of providing unwavering support to help the individual "grow back" from their struggles.
The song encapsulates a sentiment of love and optimism, underscoring the commitment to aiding a loved one in overcoming obstacles. Beyond the lyrics, the song itself is a slow, calm, and peaceful atmosphere.

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