Flourish Wellness Collective
Graphic design / Typography / Lettering / Illustration
May 2023
Established in April 2023, Flourish Wellness Collective emerges as a cherished local establishment nestled in the heart of Wichita, Kansas. Dedicated to catering not only to mothers but entire families, their mission revolves around navigating the labyrinth of parenthood with grace and resilience.
I had the privilege of partnering with Flourish Wellness Collective to collaborate closely with its proprietors in crafting their logo, as they gear up for the launch of their business in the summer of 2023. 
Behind the vision
Flourish Wellness Collective believes that families FLOURISH when they are supported, informed, and empowered. The typeface base was Dashiell Fine, but refined into the logo for the business; enhancing the true meaning of family and empowerment. 

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