Smiley Studios
Graphic design / Branding / Logo / UX / UI / Brand Identity
Smiley Studios is a self-service photo studio, located in Wichita, Kansas. The studio's mission is to allow those who are camera-shy or those who simply enjoy the setting of photographing themselves, on their own time. The company's mottos are: "Smile with confidence, capture with comfort." and "Be your own photographer."
With this project, it was created for my senior showcase before I graduated from Wichita State University with a BFA in Graphic Design. The assignment was simple: find a problem, then solve it with design. The problem that Smiley Studios was solving is the inconvenience and camera-shyness for those who have the desire to photograph themselves, ranging from professional headshots to fun-party portraits.
Behind the vision
Smiley Studios is a fun, welcoming environment. The company's goals for their customers is for them to feel comfortable and confident as they take control of their photo session. Whether it's for a professional headshot or just to simply capture fun memories with friends and family, the sessions are controlled by the customer, allowing them to be their own photographer.
The studio provides all sort of equipment, materials, and editing accessibility. Although the studio is "self-serviced," there will be employees at certain locations of the shop and providing assistance whenever needed. The customers are able to receive their photo prints in an envelope to take home if they decide to print, or they can view their photos digitally through Smiley Studio's website with their personal account. 

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